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Boost your workout with the Duo Sweat Band Waist Trainer! This hourglass waist trainer from Silhouette Spa Body Contour is the perfect addition to your workout wardrobe. Crafted from ultra-thin, high-tech neoprene, this waist trainer is designed to help you sweat, sculpt and shape your body's natural curves.


The seamless design ensures maximum comfort and flexibility as you move. With the Duo Sweat Band Waist Trainer, you'll be able to achieve your ideal silhouette and experience inch-loss in the gym. Don't wait - transform your workouts with the Duo Sweat Band Waist Trainer today!

Duo Sweat Band Waist Trainer

SKU: 364215376135191
C$75.00 Regular Price
C$60.00Sale Price
  • • Workout Shaper with Full-Coverage

    • Neoprene Material to increase sweat 

    • Tightens Core

    • Adjustable Straps

    • Reduces Belly Fat and Love Handles



    • Visible Reduction of the Waistline

    • Firmer Mid-section

    • Improves Posture

    • Reduced Back Pain

    • Boosts Thermal Activity



    • Stretchable outer band to size down as you lose inches/weight

    • Adjustable velcro closure

    • Conforms to your stomach & won't slip

    • Back and lumbar support for squats and lifting



    80% Neoprene covering, 20% Nylon

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